Pioneering company is leading the way with FCA authorisation

Written by Lyn Anderson
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As a major crackdown on the advertising of financial products and services online begins, to give consumers peace of mind that advertisers are trading ethically and with integrity, Yorkshire based Lead Tech has become one of the first lead generation specialists in the UK to secure authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It comes as new rules are due to be introduced later this summer to stop unscrupulous operators and scammers posting fake financial adverts online.

From 6th September, any businesses advertising financial related services on Google’s platforms, including YouTube and its search engine, will have to be authorised by the FCA, unless they fall into a limited number of exempt categories.

Lead Tech works with FCA regulated financial advisers. From small businesses through to FTSE 100 companies and connects advisers with approximately 10,000 potential clients every month.

On the back of securing FCA authorisation, Lead Tech, which is based just outside Otley within the highly revered Pool Business Park, is now expanding its 44-strong team and creating 15 new jobs this year across all the company’s departments.

Nigel Borwell, joint CEO at Lead Tech, said: “Becoming one of the first major lead generation companies in the UK to pave the way and secure authorisation from the FCA is a huge achievement for everyone at Lead Tech and cements our position at the forefront of our industry.

“Since Lead Tech was founded 12 years ago, we have always strived to become a driving force to build the ultimate team of experts to deliver an effective consumer journey for anyone looking for financial products online.

“For too long, dishonest lead generators have been using Google to peddle misleading financial adverts and scams, so these changes are extremely good news for UK consumers.

“We have always been advocates of consumer-first marketing and believe wholeheartedly that this will result in a much better and safer experience for consumers, because it will give them the peace of mind that adverts for financial products and services are only from reputable companies.

“We embarked on the journey to becoming FCA authorised back in 2020 and have worked extremely hard and consulted closely with the regulator throughout, to ensure that both our clients, and the consumers we introduce them to, continue to enjoy a completely transparent service.

“It now gives us the perfect platform to build upon as we continue growing our team this year in line with a host of exciting contract wins.”

Borwell added: “Lead Tech’s clients range from small independent businesses through to FTSE 100 companies. Being FCA authorised reinforces the quality of our websites, online advertising, paid search and social marketing, as well as reinforcing the fact the leads we generate have a genuine interest and requirement for our clients’ services.

“Whilst being one of the first lead generation specialists in the UK to secure FCA authorisation may give us a temporary advantage over our competitors, we’re looking forward to seeing other reputable companies within our industry following our example. Ultimately, as more companies follow suit, it will significantly benefit both the industry, its reputation and most importantly, the consumer.”

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