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Lead tech is proud to be officially B Corp certified, joining inspirational businesses from across the globe that are choosing people above profit.

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People over profit

Our business as a force for good. That was Lead Tech’s ambition from the start. So achieving B Corp certification in 2023 marks a proud moment for us. We’re now officially part of the B Corp movement, joining inspirational businesses from across the globe who are choosing to put people and planet centre stage. It’s not just a pledge; as a B Corp it’s a legal requirement.

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on society and the environment as well as shareholders.  

To achieve B Corp status, businesses like ours voluntarily put ourselves through a rigorous external certification process that delves into every corner of the business. We must: 

  • Demonstrate high social and environmental performance through a B Impact Assessment  
  • Change the legal structure of our business so we are accountable to all stakeholders not just shareholders 
  • Make public our performance results  

Certification is conducted by B Lab, the not-for-profit organisation behind the B Corp movement and it isn’t a one-off process. B Corps like us must re-certify every three years making sure we’re committed for the long haul. 

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What does B Corp certification mean to Lead Tech?

It’s a privilege to join inspirational B Corps like Innocent and Patagonia. Business for us is about so much more than the bottom line and this certification not only demonstrates that we live by our values, it legally obligates us to take bold steps towards achieving a more equitable world. 

Lead Tech is guided by the purpose of ‘Connecting people, improving lives’, and pursuing this often means taking a more challenging route. It’s what we did when we chose to become FCA regulated and we’ve done it again with B Corp certification. Whether it’s stretching to deliver on behalf of consumers and partners, investing in our people and community or pushing towards NetZero, this is the thrill of business for us. If it isn’t good for people and the planet, it isn’t good for Lead Tech!

“From the day we started Lead Tech in 2008, our focus has been on much more than the bottom line. Yes, we’ve pushed ourselves to become the standout lead generation partner for the UK financial services industry but never by putting profit ahead of people.

We’re motivated by business as a force for good and the positive impact firms like ours can have on our communities and the environment so achieving B Corp certification is not only a significant step in our journey but a huge honour for Lead Tech.”

Paul Walsh and Nigel Borwell - Lead Tech Joint CEOs.

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What does it mean for those we work with?

You can’t achieve B Corp certification without good governance and a willingness to open yourself up to scrutiny. We hope this is a clear signal to all we work with that we’re ambitious about building a thriving, sustainable business that is here for the long term and does right by those around us.

With continuous improvement at the heart of the B Corp process, you can also be confident that we’ll never stop innovating. Whether that’s developing further operational efficiencies, creating new ways to improve lives through the services we provide or responding to market dynamics, as a B Corp driving change is in our DNA.

How does Lead Tech score as a B Corp?

Businesses are scored across five key areas: Governance, Environment, Community, Workers and Customers.

To certify as a B Corp, it’s essential to achieve an overall score of 80 or more while providing evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. 

We achieved a score of 86.2, based on our performance during the 2022 fiscal year.

Certification as a B Corp is just the beginning. With stretching goals ahead, we’re excited to see how these scores grow. 

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