Lead Tech’s appointment setting service: what it is and how it helps advisers boost their ROI

Written by Lyn Anderson
Valuable conversations with consumers count

Understanding customer lifetime value can help financial advisers better measure the impact of their marketing and business investments.

Our winning team

There’s no better person to lead the team than Moinul Islam. With over a decade of sales and business experience under his belt, he’s helped us build true partnerships as our former Sales Manager.

From now on, he’ll use his leadership and expertise to help advisers get better returns with each booked appointment. He’ll ensure that your next client gets the personal support they need, from initial enquiry to your first meeting.

He’s just part of our 44-strong team based at our Pool in Wharfedale offices. Our entire team is proud to continue driving our business model. And with our new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) accreditation, we can ensure that we not only deliver higher-quality leads but save financial advisers valuable time to focus on each qualified appointment.

What is the appointment setting service and how does it work?

We don’t stop at delivering quality leads. Our appointment setting team can now set appointments and manage our partners’ diaries on their behalf – at no extra cost.

The team is central to our ongoing success. Unlike call centres, they strive to connect the consumer with the right adviser for their needs. With Moinul’s guidance and quality assurance protocols at each stage, we can deliver quality support to each individual customer.

And to ensure you get the best results, our experts nurture your lead in three essential steps.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Attracting your ideal client

Our digital marketers bring decades of experience to attract your ideal clients wherever they spend time online. Their expertise helps us attract over 1 million visitors to our sites. We achieve this by using over 8,000 keywords, geographical and demographic factors to find the specific clients you’re looking for.

Each of our consumer brand sites helps your clients make an informed decision about taking financial advice. TrustPilot reviews build trust and our clear language helps them understand the advice process. Our customer experience team is also there to support them should they have any questions.

Step 2: Qualifying your new lead

We’ll contact your prospective client within five minutes of them submitting their enquiry on our brand sites. This fast response time enables us to achieve three key objectives:

  • Keeping the lead warm
  • Driving customer engagement
  • Building trust in the financial advice process

Our expert team builds rapport with each prospect to understand their advice needs. They also reinforce your business’ unique selling points to assure the customer they’re getting the right advice and service.

Step 3: Booking and managing your appointment

We strive to help you connect with people seeking your expertise and services. Our team confirms your prospect’s needs and reasons for seeking advice before booking your appointment. Once satisfied, they’ll use our appointment setting wizard tool to update your diary in minutes. Finally, you’ll receive immediate confirmation of your new appointment.

How did we get here?

Nigel Borwell and Paul Walsh founded Lead Tech in 2009. To lead in such a competitive space, we’ve grown and evolved with the industry.

We analysed our top partners’ performance to understand how they achieved the best results. When they triaged and nurtured leads using professional appointment setters, they reported the highest contact and appointment rates from their prospects.

The only problem is, not every partner has the time or resources to nurture their leads. National partners can have dedicated teams, but it’s much harder for independent and regional advisers.

That’s why we’re levelling the playing field. With our own in-house team available at your disposal, advice firms of every size can reap the rewards of having dedicated appointment setters qualify and triage prospective customers.

Moinul Islam explains why this service is so vital in 2021:

We’re very excited to offer appointment setting at no extra cost to our partners. On top of our dedicated account managers and 12-week onboarding programme, I believe we’re delivering a complete service no other lead provider can match.

How our new service benefits advisers

We’ve worked with enough advisers over the years to understand their unique challenges. Our appointment setting service helps advisers focus on their strengths. We ensure this by guaranteeing advisers:

  • Spend less time contacting prospects and managing their diaries
  • Connect with prospects that meet their specific criteria
  • Speak to prospects serious about taking advice
  • Receive a greater return on investment
  • Incur no extra costs for booked appointments

With a dedicated appointment setting team, our partners can expect even better results:

  • 75% client contact rate
  • 35% to 40% average appointment rate
  • Higher conversion rates and ROI

Moinul Islam explains, “Standard web leads don’t work for the majority of advisers that have little time to contact their leads. Extending the lead nurturing we’re already doing means we can help them concentrate on servicing their clients.”

Work with Lead Tech

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