The importance of having a financial adviser sales pitch

By Helen Fisher on June 14, 2019

A good sales pitch is everything.

As a professional looking at providing a service that gives clear financial advice, you need to be able to explain yourself quickly and clearly to potential clients. To some people, a “sales pitch” is a dirty phrase, but nothing could be further from the truth. A good pitch is the very first building block in creating a relationship based on trust.

Selling or pitching?

Pitching is essentially another word for selling, but it’s a bit more than that. Selling something often just means presenting it to a potential buyer in its best possible light, perhaps highlighting value for money or some other incentive.

When you make a pitch, you are aiming to make your prospect feel comfortable and put them in a frame of mind where they want to find out more about what you can offer them.

What you have, what they want

When someone is seeking financial advice, they may have wildly differing reasons for doing so. Finding out what your prospective client needs from you is an essential part of the pitching process, so it needs to be far more than a sales script.

Your pitch must be directed at showing how you can meet their needs and understand their expectations. Added to this, you must also recognise that this initial pitch is simply the first step on a path, so one of the fundamental ideas is that it will lead to more meetings or communications.


Knowing which questions may come up is part of the art of constructing your pitch. You can subtly lead your prospect into a conversation that allows you to preempt certain questions and queries. This means that you should always look knowledgeable and avoid being put on the spot.

Delivering your pitch is a skill that you will develop over time, and it will become a far more natural process for you. With this in mind, it is always worth remembering that it might not be the first time that you have heard it – but it will be the first time that your prospect has.


Another key element of your pitch needs to be setting out your own unique selling point (USP). Whether you are targeting a niche market or demographic or have some other element that sets you apart from the competition, this is something that needs to be a big focus of your pitch.

It should make you stand out to the client in some way that connects personally with them. Pitching is so important for the best financial advisers because you can use it to identify your own advantages and explain how you can meet and exceed expectations.


If a prospect isn’t interested, then make a dignified exit. Never push too hard or overstay your welcome as this wastes your time and does you no good in terms of referrals or word-of-mouth connections.

If you do get a positive reaction, then you should initiate another contact via email or phone after a suitable but not too lengthy gap. Keep an active follow-up process moving forward, but always be prepared to let a prospect go and move on to another.

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