Lead Tech's Charity Events for 2019

By Ryan Smith on January 28, 2019

Help us give something back in 2019.

Every year Lead Tech finds it important to host and take part in a number of events for our teams to raise money for charity. We opened up the votes to the whole team who chose our two charity partners for 2019.

Lead Tech will be partnering with LINC and St. Gemma’s Hospice. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible throughout the year, whether this is by abseiling from the side of buildings, walking through fire or cycling to Paris.

Lead Tech’s chosen charities

St Gemma’s Hospice

St Gemma’s Hospice is a Leeds-based charity providing expert care and support for local people with life-limiting illnesses. They offer care to patients and their carers in the Hospice’s 32-bed In-Patient Unit, through the St Gemma’s community team and via our day services, which includes a Day Hospice and Out-Patient Department. Their care is always provided free-of-charge and is open to patients of all beliefs, religions and cultures.

St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in the UK.

You can find out more at https://www.st-gemma.co.uk/.


The Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund is a local cancer support charity that works to improve the care of patients who are receiving treatment within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. From financial grants and medical equipment to Sky TV, they provide whatever is needed to make the long hospital stay more bearable.

LINC is there to help at every stage. Their LINC clinical psychology team provides long-term support to patients and their families, whether they’re in hospital or readjusting to their home routines.

You can find out more at https://www.lincfund.org/.


Let’s hope there are no cold feet for our first event of the year. On Saturday 16th February we’ll be taking part in a firewalk at St. Gemma’s Hospice.

The amazing experience will see our brave volunteers walk barefoot along embers burning at an average temperature of 1236 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that into perspective, paper combusts at just 451 Fahrenheit.


One for the adrenaline junkies! On Saturday 23rd March, we’re going to be taking part in Leeds’s tallest abseil – a massive 300 feet from the top of the CLV building. The Arena quarter’s CLV building is the third tallest building Leeds and one of the tallest buildings in the north of England.

And just to make our team even more competitive, whoever raises the most money for our charities gets to nominate someone else to abseil in fancy dress – and choose the outfit!

Donate to Lead Tech

If you’d like to donate to Lead Tech, find out more about our chosen charities, and see what events we’ve got planned for the rest of the year, visit our Virgin Money Giving page.

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