Lead Tech's 2019 in review

By Ryan Smith on December 19, 2019

Paul Walsh and Nigel Borwell look back at a great 2019 for Lead Tech

2019 has been an exciting and eventful year for Lead Tech. We spoke with Paul and Nigel about some of the highlights of the year, and what they’re looking forward to in 2020.

An expanding leadership team

This year saw Lead Tech appoint two new members of the leadership team. Jason Moran joined us as head of partner services, and Andy Longhurst joined as head of strategy.

Nigel: “Jason’s appointment has put us in a place where we can strengthen and grow our existing team. We’re building great relationships with new partners while supporting our existing ones better. I personally feel this is the strongest team we’ve ever had.”

Paul: “Andy has come in to introduce and implement a clear and cohesive strategy for the future of Lead Tech. We’ve been able to offer more visibility to the teams, allowing everyone to commit to driving the strategy forward, now and into the new year.”

Nigel: “The growth of the business is reliant on strong leadership. The leadership team are working more closely with the management teams than ever before, which bodes well for the future.”

New financial advice lead proposition

Paul: “There’s been some key changes in the financial advice market this year, a big one being the rise of financial advisers that are ‘restricted’. We worked with a lot of our partners to understand how this can often benefit prospective financial advice  clients.”

“With our experience in the market, we’ve been able to start building out a new proposition that focuses on financial advice to the benefit of both our partners and our customers. 

“This will be a big project for us as we move into 2020, and we’re excited about the opportunity it brings.”

Data and insights

Nigel: “This year we’ve continued to bring data and insight into our everyday work. Our teams are using the data we collect and the insights we gain to improve marketing campaigns and the quality of our financial advice leads.”

“We’ve also implemented Salesforce’s machine learning software, Einstein. Using our own data with performance data from our partners, we can now predict outcomes to provide better leads to our partners. This gives us a great advantage over our competitors. And we’re only looking to get more sophisticated with it in the future”

Workplace culture and company values

Paul: “Our people team have worked really closely with everyone in the company this year to truly understand what it means to ‘Be Lead Tech’.

“By doing this, we’ve reevaluated our company values and implemented them into Lead Tech’s culture.”

“Our people are so important to the future of this business. Providing a strong open and supportive community means the people who work here really want to work here. They’re all passionate about Lead Tech and committed to what we want to achieve.”

“That’s something Nigel and I are really proud of.”

Working differently in 2020

Nigel: “Of course, 2019 hasn’t been without its challenges. We’re looking at some different ways of working in 2020 that should make our teams more collaborative and efficient.”

“We’re introducing product teams, allowing key people from across the company to work together to get the best out of each other.”

Paul: “We also want to improve our digital marketing strategy. We want to start working in a more agile way, allowing us to implement things faster, and test more unique tactics.

“We’re going to introduce new channels and products, and more creative campaigns in 2020.”

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