Introducing Lead Tech’s new core values

By Christina Bentley on September 12, 2019

Welcome to a new Lead Tech

Our company values have helped us shape everything we do at Lead Tech, from how we achieve our goals and our culture to how we work together and solve problems.

Being a successful financial services lead generation company means we’re constantly evolving and if we want to keep moving forward, we need our values to reflect who we really are.

Lead, don’t follow

The majority of companies describe themselves as ambitious, driven and passionate, but Lead Tech isn’t like other companies. We needed to get to the heart of who we were, and to do that, we needed to move away from generic, one-size-fits-all values. If we were to capture what it means to be Lead Tech, we needed to be authentic.

Joint CEO, Paul Walsh explained, “Many times, decisions like these are made on a senior level. We’ve taken that approach, and learnt that it doesn’t work for us. We’re different and we needed an approach that wasn’t so stuffy and corporate. We wanted to make this an inclusive decision and give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion and help us build the company from the inside out”.

Values created by our people

We wanted our values to be created by our colleagues. We invited them to take part in a company-wide survey, where they could share their thoughts on what being a part of Lead Tech meant to them.

We ran workshops that people from across Lead Tech joined to talk about what they felt was important and unique to Lead Tech.

This revealed how people felt on important topics, including our culture, cross-team working, supporting our partners and customers.

From here we grouped the findings into four main affinity groups our colleagues most strongly identified with. These were then refined and distilled until we had four new Lead Tech values.

Together under our ‘Be Lead Tech’ vision, we’re building the future, by supporting one another to be:

  • can-do cheerleaders
  • unfaltering champions
  • innovative disruptors
  • and the heroes to our coworkers.

Kelly Baynham, head of people explained, “Our new values allow us to challenge and help each other improve and will guide us as we build our teams and work towards our shared goals for the future.”

Our people
Our people
Our people
Our people
Join our team

If you like the sound of our new values and want to work with an ambitious team, we’re always looking for people with big ideas.

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