Introducing Emmalene Hawley, partner success manager

By Helen Fisher on March 5, 2019

Lead Tech is happy to welcome Emmalene Hawley to our partner success team.

As a partner success manager, Emmalene will be working closely with our partners to help them make the most of our financial advice leads.

Emmalene has been in account management for five years, three of those in digital. Working for digital marketing clients in the automotive sector, she’s helped to onboard, manage and develop national partnerships with clients such as Subaru UK and Ford UK.

Emmalene is excited to start working with our partners to help them grow their businesses:

“The thing that I love about partner success management is dealing with people and developing relationships. It’s so much easier to do business and have a positive outcome for all parties when the relationship is right.”

“At Lead Tech I’m looking forward to getting to know the partners, what makes them tick and understanding their business. I’m also looking forward to working with a really positive team who make a difference in the business!”

Outside of the office, Emmalene has a number of hobbies, the big one being archaeology. She’s taken part in a number of volunteer digs and sits on the board of trustees for the Hawley Tool Collection.

Emmalene also enjoys gardening, bouldering, going to the gym and hiking – in her last job she was given the office award for biggest fitness freak.

She’s also obsessed with drum & bass and jungle music, and even has a ten-year-old pet tortoise named George who Emmalene says loved his holiday to the New Forest last year, eating everything in sight.

Interested in learning about the partner success team, our Partner Success Programme, and how they help financial advice partners to grow their business with high-quality leads? Read more on ‘How we do it’ on the Lead Tech website.

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