How to convert leads from digital platforms to maximise ROI

By Ryan Smith on May 8, 2018

Make the most of leads with these tips.

Are you tired of wasting money as well as time chasing after dead leads that show no fruitful results? Do you feel that you are not getting the best out of your financial adviser leads even though you have carefully crafted optimisation strategies and digital tools on your side?

You have an obligation to find the right solutions to boost the number and quality of your independent financial adviser leads in a steady manner. Here are a few ways that you can convert leads from digital platforms to maximise ROI:

Confirm whether the lead is good to sell

  • You need to know whether your lead is good to sell or nurture. It doesn’t matter if you buy leads from co-registration partners or drive traffic to web forms – you must do away with waste to get the best ROI possible.
  • You can find better working leads that eliminate waste when you validate leads in real-time.

Consider disengaging prospects

  • Be sure to keep an eye on your campaign and look for disengaging leads. If you see some of your prospects leaving your campaign, then you should consider changing your strategy.
  • See that your content is relevant to the topic and that the user experience is easy for any individual to navigate.

Gather buyers’ insights

  • Listen to the feedback provided by buyers. A quick telephone call, SMS, email or Skype call helps you gain better insight into the customer experience and gauge your performance.
  • When you pay heed to this feedback, you can focus on the desirable leads that enhance ROI.

Think about how you can use money advice and planning to generate better leads. After getting a proper strategy in place, follow the above tips to generate good and fruitful leads that maximise ROI in a desirable way.

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