How Lead Tech has adapted to working from home

By Christina Bentley on May 15, 2020

Working towards a better tomorrow

Working from home has brought its fair share of challenges for us all. Here at Lead Tech, it’s made us even more determined than ever to make it work to support our partners when they need it most.

We’ve invited members from teams across the business to share the ways that they’re adapting to remote working, overcoming obstacles, and building a stronger Lead Tech.

Kelly Baynham, head of people

Last month, we left the office for a trial working from home day and didn’t return! This was going to be a test run to prepare for lockdown but, as we know, it came sooner than expected. We’ve worked hard to make this change stress-free and it’s been a great success.

This is a challenging time for everyone so we’re doing all we can to offer support, protect jobs, and offer flexibility for parents. We’re helping everyone stay connected and productive with daily team huddles, Workplace, and Slack. We also know how important it is for people to unwind, so we run a daily coffee club, virtual watercooler chats, and video meet-ups after work on a Friday.

Our hard-working teams have stepped up to every challenge thrown at them and are demonstrating our #beleadtech values: 

  • Disruptors: we’re continuing to drive new ideas as we adapt to change daily
  • Cheerleaders: we’re bringing positivity and motivation when things get tough
  • Heroes: our 51 Lead Tech heroes check-in on their colleagues and support one another
  • Champions: each challenge is helping us grow stronger as teams and become more resilient as a business

Nicole Parr and Chloe Marks, customer experience executives

NP: Working from home was difficult at first, but now it’s beginning to feel more normal. Lockdown has somehow managed to bring us even closer and make us stronger as a team. Customers need advice on pensions more than ever and knowing we can make a difference in their lives keeps us going.

CM: We’re trying to reassure our customers that now is the time to seek financial advice. Knowledge is power in these situations and we can’t help them if we don’t understand their concerns. We’re working with other teams to share market news, financial podcasts, and updates. This helps us approach customer objections and help them get the advice they need from our partners.

NP – Understandably, we had a few objections around coronavirus because customers were afraid to make any decisions. We have worked with partners on how we can overcome these issues and explain the benefits of why customers need financial advice.

This has helped us improve our communication with customers and we’ve found that equity release is popular at the moment. People are open to exploring their options, thinking about what they can release and using equity release to help family members.

CM – Our manager is making working from home as stress-free as possible. Leanne [Cruickshank, customer experience team manager] encourages us through regular catch-up sessions. Whether it’s a small quiz to relax at the end of the day, or finding positive stories to share, this all boosts team morale. We also have weekly training to make sure if any new challenges arise, we can tackle them together.

James Story, senior content manager

Everyone in the digital team has done a fantastic job of shifting to working from home and turning the challenges we’re facing into opportunities to improve.

We’ve assessed all of our customer journeys, revitalised our ads, and launched important resources to support our partners all in just six weeks. Then there’s our newly launched partner toolkit, which has been made to ensure all our partners have the resources they need to keep operating while working remotely. This was the first large project I was involved with since joining the company and everyone who worked on it should be proud of it.

Our development, content, paid media, and digital marketing teams have all been helping each other whenever possible and it’s great to hear so many new ideas in our regular catchups.

Paul Walsh, joint CEO

Although the current business environment is challenging, we’ve adapted to the new norm. I am proud of the fact we’ve stayed focused, productive and adjusted to new schedules and habits.

Our values and culture have helped guide us through the uncertainty. We decided early on that our core aim was to protect jobs and support our people. The old adage that you are only as good as the people around you could not be truer.

Our teams have stepped up to the challenge. I have been totally blown away by the effort, dynamism and compassion our people are giving to keep the business running to support our partners. One of the proudest moments for me throughout this situation has been how quickly we’ve adapted to working from home.

By leveraging our existing technology and management systems and adding new ones, we’ve transitioned to a remote workforce in a matter of days.

We’re also standing out against our competitors. Our new partner toolkit is a testament to this. It’s another way we’re supporting them with resources and insights to help them adapt and grow their businesses.

This crisis has required a flexible and dynamic response and we adapted our schedules to react and plan for the unknown. When the situation is changing daily, information is unreliable, and we don’t have the benefit of time, we must rely on our principles and values.

We’re dealing with the crisis as a team. The fact that this will pass and we can triumph over adversity helps us stay positive and keep striving towards a better future.

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