Contact centre trends that you must take into consideration

By Helen Fisher on June 7, 2018

A simple phone call can make a huge difference.

Being available when your customers need you to be is of huge importance when running a successful business. No matter why they’re getting in touch, they need to feel like they are valued as a customer and that their issues can be dealt with.

Customers now have so many tools available to them when they want to contact a company. Whether they decided to reach out via apps, phone calls, live chat, email, or request forms – the choices can be overwhelming for them. As such, it is no surprise that modern contact centres must be versatile hubs of communication. Remaining abreast of the modern consumers’ communication demands can really help to establish an excellent relationship with paying customers and have them come back again and again.

The importance of loyalty

Customer service is becoming ever more sought after, and there are times when a customer may switch to a more costly product because they feel that it adds so much value to them. If someone is getting in touch for money advice and planning, being pointed in the right direction may not be enough – they need to feel a connection to and loyalty from the brand.

The contact centre is more than just being on the phone in this day and age, too – and maximising your social media presence is more important than ever before – as people will expect an instant reply. It is no longer uncommon for interested customers to look for how to get financial advice through these media rather than by calling up or by searching your website, so having dedicated social media channels with which to respond can really help to set your business apart from your competitors, as the customer will know that they are being listened to.

Being able to merge everything into one place is the key essence of this – then when a potential customer speaks to a representative on the phone, reads something on your website, or gets a reply on Twitter, it all feels like it fits within the same message.

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