Catching up with Lead Tech's 2019 graduates

By Christina Bentley on October 14, 2019

Our graduates' first months at Lead Tech

Three months ago, we welcomed four new recruits as part of Lead Tech’s 2019 graduates scheme.

We caught up with our young stars to talk about how they’re developing their skills, gaining real-world experience and their dreams for the future.

Sisi Amoah, graduate digital marketing executive

The amount I’ve learnt in the weeks I’ve been here is huge. I’ve seen the impact my work has and it’s made me more confident. I started out as a digital marketing executive but quickly realised I wanted to learn more about conversion rate optimisation (CRO). There’s a lot of in-depth analysis involved and I enjoy creating great customer journeys and sharing my findings with the business.

I’ve completed the Advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager courses, which are essential for the brand work I’ve been doing. I’ve also created new landing pages, run page tests and measured impact on conversion rate.

But my personal highlights have been creating a chatbot and conducting competitor analysis. I’m also currently analysing our partners’ performance data and lead quality.

My goals right now are to become more confident in my tasks and how I approach challenges. It’s really important to me to build on my knowledge, especially with CRO, so I can make a positive impact on Lead Tech and in my marketing career. In future, I want to take on responsibilities like project management and marketing strategy.

Our people
Our people

Charlie Counsell, graduate operations executive

I’ve learnt so much in my first few months and I’m still learning every day. I’ve just started a project to create an intranet and I’m heavily involved in a new brand launch. I’m pretty proud of the progress of both so far. My work on restructuring the reports and dashboards within Salesforce was a great achievement that has helped the whole business.

Working as an operations executive taught me how to confidently use Salesforce as an administrator and how to utilise Salesforce Analytics to upload datasets and create meaningful business insights. In my new role as a project planner, I’m learning a lot about how to manage my time, run meetings and deliver to project deadlines.

I’m still not 100% sure what the future holds, but I’m enjoying my new role and hope I can continue to develop my project management skills. Ultimately, I’m looking to learn and grow as much as I can.

Harry Drysdale, graduate business development manager

In my first few months, I’ve really enjoyed learning all the new propositions, their benefits and how to present Lead Tech to advisers and potential partners. My first contract went out recently, which I am really happy about. It was good to get off to such a quick start since I graduated to a business development manager in September.

I’m also learning how to build conversations and connections with potential partners. My goal for the future is to bring on long-lasting partnerships for Lead Tech. I hope to be able to exceed my targets and contribute toward growing the company.

Our people
Our people

Jack Kallend, graduate developer

Since I started at Lead Tech, working on a range of development tickets has allowed me to explore different areas of web development and improve in areas in which I didn’t know I could. I’ve found I very much enjoy front-end development, which is something I wasn’t particularly interested in before.

I enjoy creating working sites from a concept to reality and getting real-world experience. The main technologies I’ve been using are Vue and CSS frameworks such as Tailwind. I’ve also been looking into a bit of animation for an upcoming project. Other backend technologies I’ve learnt more about have been AWS Serverless and Express.

I am really proud of my work with David [Hemingway, lead developer] on the pre-rendering of pages as well as with Thomas [Pantioras, web developer] on the form builder. For now, my main goal is to continue to develop my skills in new technologies and improve as a front-end developer.

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