A day in the life of our partner success managers

By Ryan Smith on April 2, 2019

Explore a day in the life of our partner success managers.

We caught up with our partner success managers, Melisa Pretorius and Annabella Pickersgill, to find out more about their day-to-day life at Lead Tech.

Q – What does your role as partner success manager include?

A – Our job is to help our financial services partners meet their goals. We work closely with them throughout the lead generation cycle to help them make the most of the leads they receive, continually improve performance and maximise their return on investment (ROI). We provide all partners with training, as well as useful tips and strategies for acquiring and retaining new clients, and regularly review their performance.

Q – How does having a partner success manager help partners?

A – There are many ways that we can help financial advisers and their businesses. For instance, if you are having trouble contacting potential new clients, we can provide you with training to make you more effective. We also provide training on objection handling, where a potential client appears to object to being contacted. For example, we’d suggest that you remind them about their initial enquiry, when they made it, how they made it and the product or service that they were interested in. All of our leads are customers who have registered an interest in your services. Often, it is simply a case of building trust and reassuring them.

For more tips on contact strategies, take a look at our webinar ‘Building contact strategies for success’.

Q – How do you help partners increase their return on investment?

A – To help our partners convert as many leads as possible, we provide email and telephone support and a variety of training programmes. These cover how and when to contact your leads, what you should be saying to them about your business and which contact strategy to apply to certain types of customers.

We also develop benchmark metrics, delivering regular updates on our partners’ performance and how it compares to past performance. Using this data and providing insight on best practice means we can help our partners improve how effective they are in converting leads.

Q – How can partners make the most of your support?

A – By sharing performance data on the leads they receive. This data is used to help improve the leads our partners receive. Contacting us as soon as a situation arises is a good idea. We are always on hand and ready to help, by email or telephone. We’re good at thinking on our feet and helping with difficult scenarios. Our role is centred around supporting our partners, so they should never hesitate to get in touch.

Q – Lead generation is an incredibly competitive sector. What do you do differently to give partners the best chance of success?

A – Communications, insights and data from partners is integral in improving our service. Through ongoing training and journey optimisation, we aim to provide a service that makes every partnership profitable. We think that’s what makes us unique!

The Lead Tech difference

We build true partnerships and we believe by working together we are stronger. Our partner success team will work with you to understand your needs and help you meet your goals.

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