A day in the life of Lead Tech strategic account manager Emmalene Hawley

By Christina Bentley on October 23, 2019

Emmalene Hawley shares her typical day as a strategic account manager at Lead Tech

Q – What do you do as a strategic account manager?

A – I actually used to work as a partner success manager, but this new role was created to enable Lead Tech to better support partners that need a higher volume of leads. It’s an extension of our Partner Success Programme.

As a strategic account manager, I now work with Lead Tech’s top national accounts. I take the time to understand their business and customer acquisition strategy, create growth plans for them, and think about how Lead Tech can help.

Q – How do Lead Tech’s partners benefit from working with you?

A – My role revolves around helping our partners succeed. I know their business inside and out and am there if they have a problem. I make sure they’re on the right track with quarterly business reviews, training, personalised growth strategies and monitor their return on investment.

Q – How can partners get the most out of working with a strategic account manager?

A – It’s important that our partners understand that the partner success team is there to support them. It’s a partnership, so open communication is essential. They should always feel comfortable coming to us, no matter what.

It’s also easier than ever for them to share their performance data with us, which will cut down on their admin time. We use this data to identify better-quality leads. We also analyse it to see how the partner is performing, which helps us make more informed judgements when we update their development and growth strategies.

Q – What is your typical working day like?

A – My days are quite varied. I come in about 8 am, check emails and prioritise for the day. I begin and end every day with a planning session, and plan around the meetings in my diary.

These can be performance update calls to partners, catch-ups or meetings with our digital and operations teams. I also update Lead Tech of new partnerships with national firms, how we’re benefiting customers or changing lead requirements.

Throughout the day, I’m constantly reviewing and updating development strategies for my accounts to ensure we’re on track to meet their agreed goals and growth targets.

Q – What do you love about your job? What’s not so good?

A – I love working and communicating with different people every day, whether they’re partners or teams at Lead Tech. I also love problem-solving and thinking of solutions to improve performance for Lead Tech and our partners.

The only downside about my new role is we’re still fine-tuning how we work internally. It’s challenging at the moment, but I have a great team around me and everyone is always willing to pitch in.

Q – What kinds of goals do you have as a strategic account manager?

A – To do my job well as a strategic account manager, I must be an ambassador for Lead Tech and our partners. I need to become an extension of both teams. My aim is to do my best to ensure everyone works together smoothly.

Q – How do you measure success as a strategic account manager?

A – I measure success in my ability to create a strong relationship between Lead Tech and our partners. I feel that I’ve succeeded when I know I’ve done everything in my power to help everyone meet their targets.

I can better measure success when I get positive feedback from our partners. One emailed me recently to say they were going to enter an award. Knowing that I played a part in our partners’ success gives me great satisfaction that I’m making a difference.

Q – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

A – The best advice I received was when I was studying to be an archaeologist. This was during the credit crunch, and I realised there were diminishing career opportunities in heritage fields. Someone told me that there’s a lot of value in transferable skills. So, rather than start over, I got my masters degree after working in sales for two years.

My studies developed my presentation, communication and critical thinking skills and taught me how to analyse information. These skills gave me an advantage when I started working in financial services and became an account manager.

Q – What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

A – I knew I was going places in my previous role when I started working with brands like Subaru, Suzuki and Ford. I got a taste for working with big clients.

When I came to Lead Tech, I was excited to work with big financial companies like One Family and Tilney. Working with nationally-recognised clients gives me a wider scope in my career development. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and excited to see what my new role will bring.

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