A day in the life of Lead Tech joint CEO Paul Walsh

By Christina Bentley on June 13, 2019

We sat down with Paul Walsh to find out what a typical day is like for Lead Tech’s joint CEO.

Q – What do you do as joint CEO?

A – Planning and strategy are my main focus. I also oversee the company culture, lead the executive team and review the company’s financial performance to make sure we’re on track to hit our financial targets. I work very closely with the heads of Lead Tech’s digital teams.

Q – What does your role bring to the company?

A – I think my role comes from an entrepreneurial perspective. I spend a lot of time analysing other companies in the UK and in the United States to make sure we’re ahead of the curve with new technologies. I also evaluate how we analyse data, use artificial intelligence (AI) and continually review the systems we use. Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein is something that we have recently implemented.

One of our key visions is having a strategy for differentiation. A lot of lead generation companies aren’t doing what we’re doing. We’re constantly exploring new channels to attract the right leads for financial advisers, analysing partner data to help them improve performance and building marketing campaigns to specific targeted audiences.

Q – What is your typical working day like?

A – I’m a really early starter. I usually get up at 5.30am, but sometimes earlier. After I walk the dog, I spend the morning reading industry and business news sites including TechCrunch and Harvard Business Review.

When I get into the office, I make time to read. I could never get through books because of my busy schedule. So, I started using Blinkist. It’s a great tool that condenses books into key points that you can read in fifteen minutes. I now read a minimum of one book everyday.

After 9.30am, I spend about thirty minutes reviewing the previous day’s reports and different areas of the business. I specifically look at our generated revenue, if we’re on track with lead targets and the number of leads we generate.

The rest of my day is driven by my calendar. At this point, I’ll start my schedule of meetings, which is usually catching up with department heads, project planning, interviews and seeing if we’re on track with projects.

Q – What do you love about your job? What’s not so good?

A – I love how diverse my job is. No two days are the same at Lead Tech and I enjoy the challenges that come with it. When things aren’t going as planned, I can find solutions to problems.

The only downside to being joint CEO is that I like to just get things done. I often feel impatient when things take longer than expected. But I enjoy coming into the office and love what I do. I’m really passionate about where we’re going as a business. For me, it’s about learning. I can genuinely say that I learn something new every day, whether that’s about the business or the people.

Q – What makes you proud to be part of Lead Tech?

A – I’m immensely proud of the culture and environment I’ve helped build at Lead Tech. We’re always striving to better ourselves, and this way of thinking has driven us to never stand still. We’re always changing and adapting as a business. The fact that we’ve been able to move forward and grow successfully year on year has become the greatest achievement for me.

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