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At Lead Tech we’ll work with you to understand your needs, set goals to work towards and help you meet your targets.

R e a l t i m e

High-quality financial leads

All our financial service leads are potential clients actively looking for your services and it’s important our partners are able to contact them quickly. Our online partner performance and lead management system delivers leads in real time and sends alerts as soon as you receive a new lead.

Our partner success team

Our people

Our partner success team helps you make the most of our leads and continually improve your performance. They provide support, training and access to insights from our partner network to help you achieve the best results.

Our Partner Success Programme provides the right start to get your business performing the best it can with structured onboarding and regular performance reviews. Together we’ll set targets to fit your objectives, and work in partnership to find where we can improve.

C o n n e c t

Lead Tech Connect

Lead Tech Connect is our unique partner performance and lead management system. You can manage all your financial service leads as well as view your performance statistics and access information and support.

Our people

Sharing information

Sharing lead performance data is key to the success we have with our partners. By sharing information we can see exactly when things are going well and where we can improve. Having this insight means we can make decisions quickly on how to improve performance.

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