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Lead generation insights for financial advisers

Lead Tech are experts in lead generation. We’ve got over ten years experience in providing high-quality leads to the financial sector. 

What is lead generation?

A lead is someone who has expressed an interest in a product or service. Lead generation is gaining their interest in the first place.

This could be through traditional advertising, referrals or using an external lead provider such as Lead Tech.

Lead Tech uses targeted digital marketing campaigns to attract people who are looking for your services and convert them into high-quality financial advice leads. We then pass these on to our financial advice partners.

Converting leads into clients is something we provide support and training on for all of our partners.

Benefits of financial advice lead generation

Using a lead provider is an easy and affordable way to get a consistent number of new client introductions.

External lead generation allows you to focus more on providing expert advice to your financial advice clients and less time trying to find new business.

Lead Tech work with our partners to understand the type of financial service clients they want, to match the right leads with the right partners.

Understanding lead generation performance

It’s important that you have a good understanding of how your financial advice leads are performing. We recommend recording all performance data for each lead generation channel you use.

When you’re using a lead provider or any other lead generation channel you should always manage your expectations. Not all leads will convert, be of the same quality, or generate the same level of return on investment.

Recording and analysing your lead performance data gives you insight into where you can improve your current performance. You’ll be able to see which leads convert more, and which leads are the best quality. This helps you see where you’re getting the best return on investment and best value.

Lead Tech gives our partners access to our online lead performance system, Lead Tech Connect. This offers an easy way to record and analyse lead performance data.

Getting the best results from your lead provider

Using a lead provider to generate more productive financial advice leads is a great way to grow your business. 

It’s important you do everything you can to make the most of each lead. We’ve produced some insights to help you when it comes to converting leads:

Financial advice leads to grow your business

Lead Tech are lead generation experts helping financial firms to attract more clients for over ten years.

Our in-house digital marketing experts generate over 100,000 leads every year for the largest financial advice firms in the UK, but also for smaller businesses too.

Convert more leads by working with Lead Tech

Working with Lead Tech to get financial advice leads will give you a better chance of growing your client base and increasing your funds under management.

We don’t just focus on lead generation. Each of our partners has a dedicated partner success manager who works closely to ensure they make the most of our financial advice leads.

They provide access to support and training on converting leads. They help our partners talk to more people to increase the number of leads that become paying clients.

Lead generation, but better

Lead Tech is an award-winning UK lead generation business. We generate over 3,500 financial advice leads every month, as well as:

  • retirement advice leads
  • private medical insurance leads
  • annuity leads
  • and equity release leads.

We work with some of the UK’s leading financial advice firms to help them increase funds under management and grow their business

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