Will AI be the major marketing story of 2018?

By Ryan Smith on May 25, 2018

AI is predicted to be a successful venture in the future.

It‘s amazing what a difference a few years can make in terms of marketing and consumer trends. Pre-2017, artificial intelligence (AI) was something that made many consumers nervous. They did not like the thought of computers collecting their data and using it to recommend products or services to them.

This all changed last year, however, and AI looks set to be a successful venture in the future.

Huge names in the tech industry such as Elon Musk certainly did their bit in 2017 to help make AI less scary to people. On the back of this, it’s all ready to be the one hot marketing story that people talk about in 2019.

The main reason for this is that AI has now evolved to be useful in consumers’ everyday lives, as well as a valuable tool for marketing purposes. Its many practical applications for daily life include:

  • Virtual personal assistance
  • Smart cars
  • Targeted search engine results
  • Video games
  • Fraud detection

AI is great for consumers, as it brings convenience and efficiency to their lives. For businesses, AI is valuable in terms of the marketing opportunities that it offers.

How will AI affect marketing in 2018?

With AI set to be a big player in marketing, let’s look at how it could affect this key area of your business:

  • Giving greater scope for personal connections – Using AI in marketing allows you to give your customers a truly personal experience. If these consumers have previously searched for ‘simple financial advice’, for example, then AI will show them future adverts on this subject rather than random services that they aren’t interested in. This helps you, as a marketer, only connect with or target people who genuinely would use your services.
  • Predicting future behaviour – Of course, customer data is king in marketing, and this is one area that AI excels in. Being able to obtain data on customer likes and dislikes will help you define your target market better and see a greater return on investment.
  • Increasing the use of chatbots – Many companies are already making use of chatbots. This AI technology allows a chatbot to answer standard questions from marketing channels, thus improving staff efficiency. It also means that you can follow up on any marketing interactions handled by chatbots quickly and in a way that customers seem to like.

You can use a chatbot to answer basic queries that a marketing push could elaborate on, from “What does a financial adviser do?” to questions about the cost of financial advice.

Many experts in marketing, including big names such as Forbes, are expecting 2018 and 2019 to be the year that marketers embrace AI more fully. It could easily allow your business to glean valuable data on customers and then use it to build your next campaign or continue your marketing efforts. Consider exploring different technologies to see if this is the year that AI becomes your marketing team’s best tool.

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