Traits of highly successful salespeople

By Helen Fisher on June 8, 2018

It's important to find the perfect hire for your firm.

We’ve all met them: the people who could dig themselves out of any hole, sell a chocolate teapot along the way, and make it all look easy.

While we can all appreciate clear sales talent, it doesn’t mean that any talented salesperson would fit into every kind of business. When looking to hire the right people, being able to spot the most valuable traits can go a long way to securing enduring success for your company.

When you’re trying to hire the right financial advisor to your firm, you want someone who can not only sell but can also buy into your ethos. What traits are you looking for?

Intuitive knowledge

While it might seem obvious to say that any hire will know what they’re talking about, there is only so far that reading books will take you. The best financial advisers are the salespeople who intuitively know which direction to lead, the minutiae of inner-business workings, and what their customer needs rather than wants.


Selling once is far harder than selling again and again, so finding those salespeople who are more interested in long-term acquisitions than quick sales to hit monthly targets is vital to the growth of your business.


This is also an essential aspect that can be overlooked if they’re excellent at what they do. If you want somebody who can not only get something over the line but can also easily build long-term relationships with customers and partners, then you need to find the people who can do both.

Of course, just because someone had success at one firm doesn’t mean that it will translate exactly. Getting someone in who might take a little work but has a clear desire to improve, go along with the overarching business plan, and learn as much as possible can be far less of a headache than someone great who might have picked up bad habits or is inflexible.

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