Top 4 digital marketing trends for 2019

By Ryan Smith on January 24, 2019

Lead Tech co-founder Paul Walsh explains what digital marketing will look like in 2019.

Digital marketing trends making an impact in 2019

Our co-founder Paul Walsh gives his opinion on the top digital marketing trends we’ll be investing in at Lead Tech.

Live chat

More people are turning to the internet to find products and services, so it’s no surprise they want to stay online to access customer service and sales assistance. The use of live chat or chatbots on websites helps potential clients through their online journey, which means more satisfied visitors and can lead to better conversion rates.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Harnessing data and using it to inform acquisition and marketing strategies will become easier, faster, and more intelligent with the use of AI and machine learning. It can target audiences more efficiently while also helping companies learn more about their potential clients, making campaigns more effective.

Voice search

The impact of voice search for businesses has been discussed since virtual assistants such as Siri first appeared on smartphones.

Whilst the use of voice search to purchase is still low (just 2% of Amazon Alexa device searches were used for purchases), their increased adoption means optimising your site content for voice search is important to future-proof your online presence.


Creating useful, targeted content that your users want to engage with is still as important as ever. Video is a great way to do this, especially with social media channels favouring video in their feeds and Google highlighting ‘Featured Videos’ in search results.

Live video in particular creates an authentic and ‘in the moment’ element that increases user engagement and means you can get instant feedback.

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