Tips for converting financial advice leads and maximising each opportunity

By Ryan Smith on February 27, 2019

Follow these tips to convert more leads and maximise each new client opportunity.

Insight from our high-performing financial advice partners, along with our ten years’ experience generating leads in the financial services sector means we understand how to increase your chances of converting client opportunities into new business.

Ask the right questions

To have a better chance of turning each enquiry into a client you need to understand each enquiry and their short, medium and long-term goals.

Ask the following questions to get a good understanding of their current circumstances:

  • What has prompted their enquiry?
  • What life events are they going through, or have coming up?
  • Where are they on their current financial journey? Do they need advice now or in the future?
  • What are their requirements? Are there other product opportunities?

Sell yourself

Showcase the benefits of getting advice from you and your firm. Make the assumption that you have the knowledge and experience to help them.

Let your client know that you’ve got years of experience, specialist qualifications and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Explain to them that you’re FCA-regulated and fully qualified and help them understand what this means for them: that you will always have their best interests at heart and will always offer them the most suitable products and personalised advice.

Understand the client’s journey

Showing that you know the journey that each potential client has gone through can help you build trust and improve your chances of conversion.

If they come through to you from a particular brand, reference this when you speak to them. Once you’ve determined that you’re speaking to the correct person, reference the details that were sent through with your lead. This could be their reason for enquiring or the value of their pension fund.

Offer a free initial consultation

Lead Tech always recommends that our financial advice partners offer a free initial consultation to potential clients. This helps build trust in you as an adviser and empowers the client to make their own decisions.

Some leads will opt to take their consultation over the phone, but offer to visit the customer in person whenever possible.

Don’t make assumptions about clients before meeting with them. Our most successful partners tell us that they will always meet with leads, even if they don’t immediately spot an opportunity. The initial meeting can uncover opportunities that the client hadn’t disclosed.

Be honest about your pricing

After the free initial consultation, if the client wants to go ahead with advice there will be ongoing fees to pay. These must be fully explained by you and agreed upon by the client before any implementation.

Never pressure the client into agreeing to formal advice.

Instead, sell the benefits and also outline the potential costs to them not seeking advice. Explain what can go wrong if a customer doesn’t get the right advice, and how advice from an expert like yourself can support and help them.

Work with Lead Tech

Lead Tech partners benefit from working with our dedicated partner success team. They work with you to provide the support and training financial advisers need to make the most of our high-quality leads.

To learn more about working with us to grow your business, get in touch with us today.

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