The growth of voice search in 2019

By Helen Fisher on January 4, 2019

Voice search is on the rise this year.

With technology continuing to play a greater part in our everyday lives year on year, voice search technology is becoming an increasingly useful tool for businesses to connect with customers. With more of us than ever possessing smartphones, and purchasing smart speakers for the home, being a financial advice business that is able to take advantage of this is starting to pay dividends.

Voice search for local financial advice businesses

One aspect of the voice search trend that has been noticed is just how much of an effect it has on local businesses looking to make themselves known in the area in which they operate. One study suggests that over half of survey respondents say that they have used a voice search function to “find local business information in the last year”. So, if these users happen to ask a question such as “Who is the best financial adviser?” you have the opportunity to get your business discovered at the top of the search results.

The same survey also said that some 27% of those asked would visit the website of a business after conducting one of these searches. This finding suggests that there is clear potential for financial advice lead generation, and whatever your preferred users are likely to search for – be it a list of local financial advisers or something more specific – there are ways to capitalise on these trends to make a compelling case for those who come across what you offer to utilise your services.

As with all technological developments, this is very much likely to continue to improve, as it has done since its mainstream inception on smartphones earlier this decade. Therefore, finding ways for your business to make what it does fit into clear categories is now more important than ever, and it seems set to carry on in this direction.

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