Nurturing leads as potential clients for the future

By Helen Fisher on February 27, 2019

Turn non-conversions into future opportunities.

It’s not realistic to believe you’ll immediately convert every enquiry you receive. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t potential to convert these leads to clients in the future.

Lead Tech’s top performers tell us that people do get back in touch at a later stage. That’s why, if a lead doesn’t become a client straight away, you need to have a consistent nurturing strategy in place.

The art of nurturing leads

If you’ve received an enquiry that doesn’t become a client, think about what other help they might need now and in the future.

For example, if you’re a pension adviser with a lead who’s under 55 years of age, you shouldn’t just dismiss them as someone you can’t help. Could you help them maximise their current pension investments before retirement? Could you help them phase into retirement earlier than they realised? Look for other opportunities or nurture them for the future.

Even a lead who is intent on just information gathering before seeking formal advice could become your client at a later time.

These are all great opportunities for future clients as long as you nurture them.

Winning the client early

There are over 20,000 regulated financial advisers in the UK. You need to deliver an exceptional first impression to build trust and be remembered. Nurture the lead and build a relationship over time.

  • Follow up with them each month, with a text, an email or a quick phone call
  • Add them to your mailing list (with their permission, of course)
  • Keep communications relevant and professional
  • Use services and references to educate them

A strong nurture campaign means you’ll be at the front of their mind when they need your service.

Getting referrals from clients

If a customer is happy with the service you’ve provided then they might refer you to family and friends. Our research tells us that people at retirement age prefer recommendations from friends and family when it comes to finding a financial adviser.

Even if you haven’t provided them with a service, if they’re part of your nurture campaign and you’ve built up their trust, it could lead to a recommendation or referral.

This is a perfect opportunity to build your client base and generate an even greater return on your investment.

Tips from our most successful partners

Our most successful partners tell us when they’re nurturing a lead they:

  • Research the opportunity: Learn everything you can about what they need, their financial goals and what they’re interested in
  • Use their personality: Be friendly, approachable, helpful and trustworthy to build an ongoing relationship
  • Be professional: In all your communications with potential clients, show them that you are an expert who is there when they need you
  • Sell their service: Share information with them that you think will be useful and always give them the opportunity to get in touch

Grow your business with Lead Tech

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