Networking strategies for businesses

By Ryan Smith on May 8, 2018

New connections can lead to more business.

In a global marketplace where connecting and collaborating are key to business success, you cannot take the power of networking for granted. Not only does networking play a vital role in generating leads, but it also helps strengthen the connections that you have with existing contacts.

Rather than putting together a spontaneous networking strategy that serves a purpose, try using tried-and-true ways to enhance your market base.

Understand why you want to network

  • Do you want your audience to increase its knowledge about your products or services?
  • Do you want to maximise your contacts or nurture your existing ones?
  • Do you want to find a sponsor, mentor or network to increase your knowledge of the market?
  • Do you want to enhance your profile or search for individuals who can introduce you to influential contacts?

Put together a plan

  • Make a list of the contacts whom you need. Your contact base should consist of friends, specialists and introducers.
  • Find the people whom you want to network with.
  • Join membership organisations, collaborate with specific companies and talk to the people who can put you through to these contacts.

Review your results

  • Assess whether the networking plan that you have come up with is valid and prioritised well.
  • Make certain that your B2B marketing plan can coordinate across channels. Understand which channels your customers will notice.
  • Get a deadline to achieve your networking goals so that you can put your plans into action in a systematic and desirable manner.

You can seek aid from IFAs who cater to various B2B platforms to ensure that you make the right financial decisions for your networking plan. Independent financial adviser fees are worth the price when you see your strategies offering fruitful results.

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