Lead Tech's digital experts share their favourite tech

By Christina Bentley on August 19, 2019

We talked to digital experts across the business to get insights into the apps, tools and tech they rely on every day.

Technology is vital to the success of Lead Tech and the services we provide to our partners and customers.

Whether we’re creating graphics for marketing campaigns or organising a smooth onboarding process for new starters, these are the tools Lead Tech’s experts can’t live without.

Tom Gilbert, web designer

My favourite tool for our design process is easily InVision Studio. We can create scalable wireframes and high-fidelity design prototypes faster than ever. It allows us to work collaboratively and lets us send shareable links to teams for feedback. Studio also features advanced animation tools that let us provide our development team with hovers, scroll animations, screen transitions and more, making for a seamless handoff on projects.

Our people
Our people

Ryan Smith, content designer

Grammarly is a great browser plug-in that helps me improve grammar when I’m writing or proofreading copy. It’s much better than the built-in spelling and grammar checkers included with Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Kelly Baynham, head of people

BreatheHR and Workplace are the apps I use the most for day-to-day human resources tasks. BreatheHR helps me keep data and records secure in one place. Workplace also lets me keep up-to-date with what’s going on across the business and makes posting company updates effortless.

Our people
Our people

David Hemingway, lead developer

My favourite application is Slack. It’s a collaboration tool that gives me an overview of our entire development process. It can even be integrated with tools like Jira, which helps us manage development tasks such as code deployment and CDN flushing. We also monitor our brands’ website performance with Pingdom, which notifies the team of any issues.

As for my favourite tech, it has to be my Apple Watch. It allows me to conveniently monitor Slack notifications throughout the day. This means I can discover and investigate potential problems before they become critical issues.

Nigel Borwell, CEO

From a business perspective, I couldn’t do without Salesforce. All the reporting is intuitive and insightful. Asana is another good tool that I use for organisation. And I know it’s a bit traditional, but I love my notepad. I’m constantly making lists and notes on both my physical notepad and my mobile.

Our people
Our people

Paul Walsh, CEO

Email is really important in my role. I also use Asana for task management and getting an overview of the business. Salesforce is great for reporting and a good dashboard tool that lets me monitor our revenue wherever I am. It’s been a great investment for the business. I also use Workplace to help me connect with people in the wider business and understand how people are feeling.

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