Here's to another successful year!

By Ryan Smith on December 19, 2018

Another fantastic year at Lead Tech.

2018 has been a great year for Lead Tech! Thank you for being a part of it.

Investing in our people

We’ve seen Lead Tech continue to grow as a company this year.

Overall we’ve seen the team grow by over 32%. This is due to our belief that to get the best out of Lead Tech, we need to invest in our people.

Customer experience

The second half of 2018 saw investment in our customer experience team. The growth of this team is essential for Lead Tech to provide a better experience to our customers.

Every lead we generate is contacted by the customer experience team to make sure they were happy with the service they received from both us and the partner they were connected with. This helps us understand where we can improve, and where we can support our partners to perform better too.

Data and insights

We also introduced our new data and insights team. This team allows us to take a more scientific approach to our data analysis for optimising our marketing campaigns.

Using our partners’ lead performance data our experts are able to use smart insights to provide you with more of the leads you want and less of the ones you don’t.

Success in 2018

Partner Success Programme

One of the things Lead Tech is most proud of this year has been the introduction and success of our Partner Success Programme.

A number of our partners told us that their appointment numbers and conversion rates were not where we knew they could be.

By putting a dedicated programme in place, as well as introducing partner success managers to work closely with financial advice firms’ lead handling teams, we know they’ve seen huge improvements in the numbers that matter this year.

This close support has allowed our financial advice partners to get more out of the leads we’ve provided and has created more value for their businesses.

For any partners who think their lead performance could be better, speak with us to discuss how we can provide some additional training to ensure your success in 2019.

Secrets of Success for 2019 Webinar

We held our first-ever webinar at the start of December. Our head of partner services, Wayne Marshall, hosted the webinar where we were joined by over 100 financial advice firms from across the country.

Wayne shared some of our expert knowledge on:

  • New ways to find and attract potential clients
  • How to build a contact strategy that works
  • How to use data and insight to improve your conversion rates

If you missed it, you can view the webinar using this link:

We’re already planning our next webinar for early 2019 and we’ll let you know more details in the new year.

Huge increases in funds under management for top partners

Our partners have continued to see great returns on their investment thanks to the leads we’ve provided.

One success story we’d love to share is from one of our top-performing partners. They’ve reported an £18 million increase in funds under management, attributed to less than 100 appointed Lead Tech leads.

If you’re a financial adviser who could benefit from this kind of return on investment, please don’t hesitate to speak with us.

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