Five hot consumer trends in digital marketing

By Ryan Smith on April 18, 2018

Keeping in touch with consumer trends will benefit your ability to reach potential clients.

If there’s one certainty in digital marketing, it’s that the landscape is always evolving. What worked yesterday may not be as effective in a few months’ time. So it’s vital to ensure that your business progresses with the changing nature of digital marketing.

Of course, the main players in all digital marketing are the consumers themselves. From people looking for low cost financial advice to those wondering “How much does a financial adviser cost?”, targeting your digital marketing efforts based on what your audience wants is the key to success. This is true for all companies, from financial service providers to every other type of business in the UK.

Staying on top of what consumers want will help you get the best ROI on your digital marketing spend and achieve the best results from any campaigns. As consumer tastes change, so do the behavioural trends that drive their decision-making. Keeping abreast of these consumer trends is more crucial than ever in our fast-changing world.

What are the hot consumer trends for 2018?

We want to get you up to speed with five of the hottest consumer trends in digital marketing:

  • Voice-activated assistance – Consumers have responded to being able to use their voices to perform tasks, and digital marketers may soon have to explore this option to succeed. With 30 per cent of all browsing sessions expected to be voice-operated by 2020, this is a big area for digital marketers to consider.
  • Video marketing – In much the same way as they enjoy voice-activated assistance, consumers are widely using video to help them make decisions. Online video-sharing resources such as YouTube have a huge influence on consumers who head there for advice before making a purchase.
  • Personalisation – Modern consumers value a personalised approach from the companies they do business with. This is true for the marketing information that they receive and is a key area for your digital marketing team to understand.
  • Different approaches to content marketing – Although the traditional forms will still prove popular, different strands of content marketing may also come into play. Voice-based searches, for example, may mean that your digital marketing content also includes “how-to guides” or short, sharp nuggets of information for people to digest on the move.
  • Native advertising – One hot consumer trend set to take off is the appetite for native advertising. This involves addressing your target markets in different nations in their native languages using country-specific information. Native advertising will help your digital marketing efforts connect on a personal level globally.

These are just some of the many consumer trends that are driving digital marketing into new areas. The above trends should have the most impact and are the most likely to become part of any future digital marketing campaigns that you run. Always remember to stay on top of any changing consumer trends and react to what your target audience wants.

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