Creative marketing ideas for financial advisers

By Ryan Smith on October 2, 2018

There are many creative ways advisers can attract new clients.

Whether your business is big or small, a one-man band or a major employer, marketing is the best way to generate leads. Today, online methods mean that it is easier than ever to get creative with your campaigns, and in many cases, it can be extremely cost-effective and sometimes entirely free.

With the ever-increasing amount of information available to consumers, including free government financial assistance, the need for financial advisers to get their name out there is a vital factor in running a successful operation.

Follow up existing clients

It might sound strange, but one of the most untapped marketing opportunities actually lies with your existing customer base.

For many consumers and investors, choosing a financial adviser can be a difficult enough task in the first place. Never think that your clients don’t want to hear from you, but always be aware that there is a line that can easily be crossed between giving them updates and engaging in hard-sell spamming.

You should ask yourself, do your clients know that you have other offerings that they might find useful? Don’t assume that they know all about other services you have that might come in useful as their own requirements change. As long as you adhere to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, you should always bear in mind that if you’re not regularly reaching out to your clients, then your competitors will be.

Get referrals

Networking has always been a good marketing approach for any kind of business, and when it comes to the financial sector as a whole, it can be a key element in building a solid basis for new leads.

Potential clients respond to networking in different ways, which means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Sometimes, a B2B mutual referral scheme can work wonders if you arrange a reciprocal set-up with a non-competitor who works in an area that complements your own.

Host a local meeting

It doesn’t need to be a major seminar or large-scale event, but hosting a local meeting can be a really good way to connect to potential new clients and network B2B.

Common topics such as best practices, tax savings, pension issues or other long-term investment advice can offer leads meaningful content. Local libraries and other community facilities can be a good choice, and for a really casual micro-local feel, taking a Q&A in a room above a pub can be a cost-effective solution that gives immediate results.

Life events

Knowing how to market your services around major life events can be a really good way to connect to potential leads in a very personal way. At certain points in a person’s life, their personal situations can change dramatically, and this is when they will most need clear financial advice.

Examples of these events could include:

  • Leaving university
  • Marriage
  • Achieving a financial goal such as buying a first property
  • Having children
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement

Get creative online

Having a user-friendly, professional website is a given for any business today. If you’re working in the financial advice sector, then it’s even more important as it needs to project a strong, trustworthy profile backed up by experience and qualifications.

However, your own site isn’t the be-all and end-all of online marketing. Social platforms can be incredibly effective if used properly, and they can also be remarkably cost-effective.


Instagram can be used to comment on other people’s posts, and by leaving a comment on every photo for the top results in the last 24-48 hours related to services you offer, you can reach thousands of potential leads absolutely free.

Posting your own content is a great way to express your personality and that of your employees or the overall ethos of the firm. It can be a great way to get team members involved in marketing, even if you don’t have a dedicated marketing professional on board.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Facebook is probably the best-known of all the online social networks, so it’s no surprise that financial professionals use it to run targeted ads.

Using platforms like this for organic marketing is a time-consuming exercise that can be hard to exploit enough to get real results. However, Facebook ads can be targeted to prospects based on several different criteria, including geo-location data, income range or many other demographic metrics.

Make the most of a crisis

FiComm Partners’ CEO Megan Carpenter suggested a novel marketing ploy in a piece published on Carpenter suggests that you should have a communications plan in place that you can put to immediate use in case of a market meltdown.

“I am not simply talking about market commentary,” she explained. “I recommend that all financial advisers create a communications plan for market corrections or crisis.”

Carpenter thinks that your plan shouldn’t be complicated, but it should address basic questions and put in place a solid basis for making the most of a bad situation.

Niche marketing

Often, a personal financial consultant service will aim for the widest target pool of leads, but this isn’t always the best strategy. If you can identify a target market by understanding your own niche appeal, then you can create a bespoke marketing approach to great effect.

Niche marketing means that you can cut through the static and reach out to potential leads that will be predisposed to seek you out. It’s a great way for finance professionals to grow a unique value business.

Offer free advice

For a finance professional looking for leads, the idea of offering free help with money issues might seem counterproductive. Consumers are always on the lookout for a freebie, and by using the old ‘loss leader’ approach, you can access prospects who could well become valued clients.

The internet comes into its own again here – blogs and forums are great places to give some free advice that will be valuable to your target audience. Not only can this be a great SEO technique to help you rise up search engine rankings and generate traffic for your own site, but it also establishes a feeling of authority for you and your firm.

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