Common customer objections

By Helen Fisher on February 27, 2019

Know your potential clients' concerns and how to deal with them.

You’ll hear a number of common objections as a financial adviser.

Objections from enquiring clients can be common. Knowing what objections to expect, and being prepared with a positive response, can help to put the client at ease and build trust in your abilities as an adviser.

Your responses should sell your service and give you the opportunity to speak with the client to understand their needs, without putting any pressure on them.

Common objections

Here are some of the most common objections you’ll hear from your potential clients:

  • “I only wanted a quote”
  • “I didn’t realise somebody would call”
  • “I submitted the enquiry by mistake”
  • “I was only browsing/information gathering”
  • “I thought I was on the Pension Wise site”

Handling common objections

You need to understand why the customer has an objection in the first place. They could be concerned about the cost of advice, or they might be confused by a complicated financial matter.

You are the expert. You need to listen to their concerns, understand their circumstances, and show them how you can help.

Ask more questions

By asking your potential client about their current circumstances and needs, you can begin to understand their concerns and tackle their objections.

If they want a quote, ask what kind of quote they were looking for. If they’re looking for free guidance from Pension Wise, ask them where they are on their retirement journey.

There’s a reason they were looking for advice, and a reason they took the time to submit their details. Asking them questions to learn more about them will give you the opportunity to build trust and promote your services.

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