Attracting and converting clients - the top challenges for advisers

By Christina Bentley on June 3, 2019

Key insights from Lead Tech's latest survey.

Whether you help people make decisions on how to invest their money, secure a family health plan or advise them on the best retirement products, the client is at the heart of everything you do as a financial adviser. The key to winning over potential clients is how you connect with them.

The truth is that most advisers aren’t salespeople, which is just one of the many problems they face when converting clients. Understanding our financial advice partners’ main challenges gives us a better understanding of how we can better support them.

Recognising our partners’ main challenges

In April 2019, Lead Tech surveyed its partners about the key challenges they faced as financial advisers.

Not only did the survey uncover how difficult attracting and converting clients was for them, it also highlighted the importance of having an effective objection handling and contact strategy.

The survey results

The survey revealed that 52% of financial advisers found attracting new clients a struggle, with nearly 60% of respondents reporting that they couldn’t meet their monthly targets. This becomes more problematic when over half (62%) reported that increasing client numbers was the main focus for them and their firms.

While 71% of advisers felt they met their targets for client enquiries, the results weren’t as favourable when it came to actually converting them, revealing familiar obstacles:

  • 48% of respondents struggled to make contact with potential clients
  • 62% said clients decided they didn’t want financial advice
  • 29% reported potential clients weren’t ready to proceed with advice

The Lead Tech difference

Lead Tech offers more to our partners than just high-intent financial advice leads across our four key markets. We take the time to build true partnerships and support them every step of the way. From a dedicated partner success manager and regular performance reviews to objection handling and contact strategy training, we give them the support they need to thrive and meet their long-term goals.

We also nurture our partners for future success, helping them maximise their opportunities and make the most of their leads. By sharing data and insights, we help them convert clients and improve performance.

Get in touch today to find out how Lead Tech can help you convert more clients and grow your business.

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