A day in the life of Lead Tech joint CEO Nigel Borwell

By Christina Bentley on July 15, 2019

We spent time with Nigel Borwell to find out what a typical day has in store for Lead Tech’s joint CEO.

Q – What do you do as joint CEO?

A – I set financial goals for the business, create propositions and review our overall performance. I also set the long-term company vision, quarterly objective targets and strategy to drive the business forward. Because of my wide scope, I often focus on different areas of the business to determine what isn’t working or needs improvement.

Q – What does your role bring to the company?

A – My background is in sales and advertising, so I work closely with the sales team and support them in helping Lead Tech achieve our financial goals. With my experience, I closely analyse the sales side of what we do, which is a critical part of the business for achieving our targets.

As joint CEO, I work across every aspect of Lead Tech. Things change very quickly in lead generation, so if there are areas that need focus or improvements, I’ll support where I can. I work alongside Paul [Walsh, Lead Tech joint CEO] to manage the leadership of the business and work closely with our executive team on a weekly basis to achieve these goals.

Developing propositions is another key focus for me as CEO. This helps us deliver our strategy to add value to our partners and be more than just a lead generation company.

Q – What is your typical working day like?

A – I’m up at around 5:30am and I tend to do planning, organisation and prioritisation first thing. I create lists of important things I want to focus on and prioritise for the day. I’m usually in the office before 8am, preparing for the day ahead.

When I get into the office, I catch up on emails and do a bit more planning. My day involves a lot of meetings. These are usually a good mixture of internal, business and client meetings, which can be conference calls or face to face. This means I do tend to work in the evening after my home routine, but I try to restrict this to two hours.

Q – What do you love about your job? What’s not so good?

A – I love what we do and that we’re always striving to be better than our competitors. The fact that we provide real value to our customers and partners is something that drives and excites me. We’re constantly developing the customer experience, investing in new channels and analysing data to improve the quality of our financial advice leads, which makes it easier to keep our customers and partners happy.

Working at Lead Tech is really fast-paced and varied, which is part of what makes it so exciting, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and the long hours can hit me hard.

Q – What makes you proud to be part of Lead Tech?

A – I love the people here at Lead Tech and I really appreciate where we work. I love walking past the river to take a moment and appreciate what we’ve achieved so far. It’s easy to get sucked into the fast pace of what we do and get overwhelmed. It’s important to not take our accomplishments for granted and take a step back when you can.

I’m also proud that we’re in a good position to grow, invest and push on as a business. Meeting our financial targets every year sets us up for what we’re trying to achieve in the future.

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