A day in the life of Lead Tech business intelligence manager Ian Godfrey

By Christina Bentley on November 5, 2019

Ian Godfrey shares his day as a business intelligence manager at Lead Tech

Q – What do you do as a business intelligence manager?

A – I identify commercial opportunities for Lead Tech by analysing data and improving operations. This includes helping the business add value to our partners by improving lead quality and creating a great partner experience. I also determine how our actions impact things like marketing spend.

Q – How does your role help Lead Tech improve the service we offer to our partners and generate better leads?

A- My role revolves around using analytics tools to make improvements to our partner services. On any given day, I might find ways to improve lead quality in a particular region or help partners boost their conversion rates.

We’re now finding greater insights using a powerful tool called Salesforce Analytics. It lets us see things on a granular level. We can measure how effective our partners’ call strategy is for instance. Or even find patterns around what time of day customers are more likely to search for financial advice.

Q – How does partners’ performance data help Lead Tech improve our services?

A – Partner performance data is a crucial part of how we generate better leads than our competitors. It gives us valuable insights into what’s working for our partners and helps us improve.

We analyse our partners’ data to measure how they’re doing, identify how they can improve and how we can offer greater support.

More data produces a deeper, robust analysis. We measure partner performance and benchmark it against regional and national targets. All this feeds into optimising our marketing campaigns for greater lead quality. That’s why we encourage our partners to share their performance data.

Q – What is your typical working day like?

A – I’m still working out what a typical day is. I previously worked as Lead Tech’s paid media manager and realised that I wanted to move into a more data-focused role.

In the morning, I’ll review my daily and weekly tasks in Asana. Once I’ve prioritised these, I’ll work on analysis and research tasks. I also make time to improve my skills. I’m currently taking a course on data science.

Within the operations team, I perform analysis for things like Lead Tech’s products, different lead types or performance reports. I also assist other departments with insights on tests or changes. These might be reviewing how we’re managing leads in the customer experience team or optimising our call strategy.

Q – What kinds of skills do you need as a business intelligence manager?

A – You need to be numerate, inquisitive and a natural problem-solver. It’s also essential that you understand your company’s products, operation and the commercial environment.

Another crucial skill is being able to communicate with people on different levels. This is especially important when you’re breaking down complex results and analysis.

Q – What do you love about your job?

A – I enjoy solving problems and being able to influence the wider business. By analysing data, I’m able to offer value to Lead Tech and our partners. Every day is a school day. I’m constantly learning. Lead Tech has fully invested in my career development, giving me the opportunity to take online courses or attend conferences.

Q – What kinds of goals do you have as a business intelligence manager?

A – We’re a data-driven business that understands that data yields better results. I aim to drive that approach to the best of my ability. When Lead Tech improves efficiency and performance, we can offer greater support to our partners. This could be objection handling training or insightful feedback on how they’re closing business.

One of our main team goals is to make it easier for our partners to share their performance data and feedback. We recently updated Lead Tech Connect, our lead distribution system. Our partners can now upload data as spreadsheets from their CRM in seconds.

This goes back to our relationship with our partners. If we can help them find leads and grow, they can offer data on what’s working, which helps us improve what we do. It’s a win-win.

Q – How do you measure success?

A- I measure success in my ability to support Lead Tech as a business intelligence manager by developing my knowledge and experience. It’s about measuring our performance against what we’ve done before and using data to move forward as the best lead generator.

Q – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

A- Someone once told me that you shouldn’t wait for things to happen, you should make them happen. It’s about being proactive and driving yourself to achieve your goals.

Q – What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

A- Until now, I’ve never worked with data in such a large capacity before. It’s an exciting opportunity. As a business intelligence manager, I’m proud that I can offer insight across the business and help our partners succeed. I’m looking forward to developing my data science skills further.

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