Digital marketing

Digital marketing for financial advisers

Lead Tech is an award-winning company that uses targeted digital marketing techniques to generate financial advice leads. 

Digital marketing for lead generation

We generate high-quality financial advice leads through targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Our in-house digital marketing team uses a combination of online paid search, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, artificial intelligence (AI) and email campaigns to attract our financial advice partners’ potential customers. There are always new trends and platforms to use so we keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends

We refine our marketing to generate more financial advice leads. Using data and insights means we can generate more of the leads our partners want and less of the ones they don’t.

Using digital marketing as a financial adviser

As a financial adviser it’s important to embrace digital marketing if you want to grow your business. New digital marketing trends are changing the face of financial services marketing.

A recent study found that only 4% of clients found their financial adviser through traditional advertising. Embracing techniques like paid search and building a social media presence will market you to more prospective clients.

Why financial advisers need to embrace digital marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t just help you get more business, but it can also help to increase awareness of you and your firm.

Your website and social media profiles should be using trust signals, such as qualifications, experience and client reviews to help people understand why you’re the right adviser to provide the service they’re looking for.

The digital marketing techniques used by Lead Tech

Lead Tech uses a number of digital marketing techniques for online lead generation.

  • Paid search – to target people on Google or Bing who are searching for the services our partners offer
  • Content marketing – providing relevant content to educate and encourage our partners’ target audience to make an enquiry
  • Social media – creating a trusted presence so clients know where to turn when they need our partners’ services
  • Email campaigns – offering the right information to the right people at the right time to turn them into high-quality financial advice leads.

Using digital marketing to grow your business

We run digital marketing campaigns that generate different types of leads, including: 

  • Financial advice leads
  • retirement advice leads
  • equity release leads
  • annuity leads
  • and private medical insurance leads.

The UK’s leading financial advice firms work with us as their dedicated online lead generation service to increase funds under management and grow their businesses.

You can take advantage of Lead Tech’s digital marketing expertise by working with us as your online lead provider. We generate high-quality financial advice leads that help you grow your business

The ongoing refining of marketing campaigns, as well as staying ahead of the latest trends means we’re able to generate high-quality online leads. We’re constantly improving the quality of our leads for our partners.

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