Why caring for your clients makes for better business

By Ryan Smith on May 15, 2018

A happy customer is a loyal one.

Many people in search of professional financial advice begin by asking simple questions such as “What does a financial adviser do?” and “How much does a financial adviser cost?”.

Answering clearly and honestly is just the first step if you want your business to be a success and your customers to return when they need more advice. If your goal is for clients to recommend you to their friends and colleagues, then you simply cannot afford to neglect customer care.

Remember: you can achieve an important commercial edge over competitors if you offer first-class customer service. Here are the key ingredients:

Quality, open communication

Forget blanket emails and go for genuine, active and personal engagement instead. Keep as many channels as possible open to your customers, including social media, email, Skype and telephone. Make a prominent statement on your website and in all your promotional materials about customer care being your top priority.

Accepting criticism as vital guidance for improvement

In the age of digital suggestion and complaints boxes, customers will let you know when they’re not entirely happy and feel that something needs improvement. This is extremely valuable information that tells you what you can do to remedy the issue.

If your clients never get the opportunity to voice a concern or a gripe, then they’re unlikely to keep returning, so encourage feedback. Even small tweaks to your service in response to customer input can have a major impact on your profits.


Making sure that all your customers receive the same high-quality standard of care fosters loyalty. Customer care is the lifeblood of a business, so instil this notion in your employees. Get your staff on board for an integrated customer care plan that they can easily become familiar with.

Remember that the consequences of neglecting customer care can be ruinous. Customers do not like to feel ignored or fobbed off. Deliver care above and beyond expectations that will work its way right down to your bottom line.

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