Marketing ideas for financial advisers

By Helen Fisher on August 30, 2018

Clever tips from the marketing world every adviser can benefit from.

At Lead Tech, we’re experts in connecting the right ready-to-buy customers with you as a financial adviser. Here is what you can do to help market your business and increase your market share:

Look after your existing relationships

Marketing to new customers should not distract you from looking after your current ones. Nurturing your existing relationships can often be the best way of connecting with new clients.

  • Develop trust and meaningful relationships that are about more than just money
  • Market to existing customers – do not assume that they already know about your services
  • Make clients feel valued with handwritten notes and personal touches on special occasions
  • Have a plan for market corrections or crises

Corporate responsibility

Building your corporate image is more than just a nicety; it can benefit both existing and new relationships as well as build your profile and market presence.

  • Be active in your local business community by networking and demonstrating your expertise
  • Sponsor local teams or events to build your presence, particularly if you are a regional business
  • Try to attend events as well – putting a face to a name makes a powerful impression
  • Charity involvement can also build goodwill and give your business exposure

Share your expertise

If you can prove to an audience that you are an expert who is willing to share your knowledge, then you can position yourself as a trustworthy source of advice.

  • Send out a brief but regular newsletter to maintain your visibility and credibility
  • Deliver or host seminars or webinars based on questions that your clients often ask
  • Raise your profile in the community and connect with attendees directly
  • If you know enough to teach, then many will trust your abilities as a financial adviser

Take advantage of new media

Stay on top of trends not only in the finance industry but also in how consumers are interacting with businesses and each other. Build your awareness and credibility using various platforms while avoiding spam and always offering fresh, interesting and engaging content that links back to your business. Use the questions that your clients often ask to find the keywords that people are searching for and build these into your campaign.

  • Podcasts are seeing a resurgence among listeners as a valuable medium for information
  • Post regular financial adviser blogs, either self-written or ghost-written
  • Use a business Instagram account to comment on related locations or hashtags
  • Share financial content with your clients and followers, adding your own expert commentary
  • Establish yourself as a finance industry expert and reach out to local publications
  • Find and partner with online influencers to tap into their existing followers

Offer free advice

For a finance professional looking for leads, the idea of offering free help with money issues might seem counterproductive. Consumers are always on the lookout for a freebie, and by using the old “loss leader” approach, you can access prospects who could well become valued clients.

The internet comes into its own again here – blogs and forums are great places to give some free advice that will be valuable to your target audience. Not only can this be a great SEO technique to help you rise up search engine rankings and generate traffic for your own site, but it also establishes a feeling of authority for you and your firm.

What is different about you?

The finance market is large and growing, so what story can you tell that sets you apart? It could involve your charity work, your long-standing history, an innovative approach or simply a success story that your existing clients enjoy.

Lead Tech can not only help you connect with new customers but also arm you with the best practice data needed to boost your conversion rate and continue to grow. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you reach and grow your business.

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