Key rules for converting leads into sales - part 2

By Helen Fisher on May 25, 2018

Taking the right actions will turn leads into future clients.

6) First impressions matter

You’ve heard this numerous times, but it’s even more true in the digital age. When an investing lead comes across your website, they will typically have come there via a search engine and may have searched something geo-specific, such as the area you’re in. This is your chance to ensure your website gets a click-through.

This means that the copy and content used on your website are essential. If there is not enough information,  potential investors may be put off and look elsewhere. On the other hand, too much information makes finding the right information difficult, even if it happens to be there.

7) Be credible

Claims of credibility are easier to make than they are to prove as a financial adviser. You are just one of many financial advisers and your first job is to convince them that you have the expertise to meet their needs.

A key way to do this is to back up any claim you make about your financial expertise with evidence. Have you provided clear and easily accessible information that backs up your assertions? Can a visitor to your website easily ascertain if you are who you say you are, by finding what degree you have and where you got it, what level of experience you have, and what accompanying certificates you have?

8) Show off your qualifications

It is important here to consider where to display your qualifications on your website and marketing materials. A finance lead may find it odd that your credentials are buried away, only accessible through one link at the bottom of the homepage. However, if you are too upfront, it may give an indication that you’re not confident enough as an adviser and are overcompensating.

Converting new clients is always easier when they can find positive reviews  and testimonials from previous clients you’ve worked with. Always ask for testimonials that you can use for your content output as it could put an investing lead at ease far more quickly than many other avenues would.

9) Show you can be trusted

How do you demonstrate the level of trust that allows you to turn, for example, pension transfer leads into established clients with whom you have a long-term relationship?

Proving that you are registered with trustworthy regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can help increase leads for financial advisers because they can see that you are a genuine entity.

10) What are your differentiating characteristics?

Financial advisers know full well what sets their services apart from the competition. However, your unique selling points (USPs) may not be immediately obvious to financial leads. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the client may not notice them unless they’re clearly presented.

More importantly, if potential clients are reviewing many of your competitors, they may not notice what you offer compared to rivals if it is not explained clearly. Saying why you are different is always helpful in a saturated market, and when competition is high for qualified leads for financial advisers, this is even more imperative.

11) Be transparent

Adopting transparency in all stages of your service provision sets you apart from your rivals. The world of finance can be confusing to even seasoned clients and finding jargon in their way can be the obstacle that takes them elsewhere. Improve your chances of converting financial leads by clearly presenting who you are and what you do, so clients feel more confident in how you operate as a business.

Demonstrating your honesty is easier than you might think. For example, you could provide a link to a record of achievements and certifications on blog posts or emails. Full disclosure is another powerful tool. Telling your potential or existing clients whether you make money or not off of a recommendation or product, will help build the foundation of lasting relationships.

In case you missed part one of our series, you can read it here.

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