How we support staff mental health

By James Story on October 8, 2021

Learn what we've put in place to give our staff the support they need

Sunday 10th October is Mental Health Awareness Day and if there’s one thing we learned from the tumultuous year of 2020, it’s that staying connected is essential to maintaining your mental health.

As lockdown slowly lifted through 2021, getting back to doing everyday tasks brought new challenges:

  • Younger staff needed to wait for their vaccine eligibility
  • People’s comfort levels with working in an office environment varied
  • Meetings between in-office and remote staff needed reliable equipment to ensure everyone could be seen and heard

And looming over all of this was the thought – what if we go back into lockdown again?

That’s why we made mental health such an important part of our company wellbeing strategy. We’ve always believed in work that supports the lives of our staff and giving them chances to step away from their desks. Now we offer more support than ever to our teams, however and whenever they need it.

Vitality Health

As part of our partnership with Vitality, everyone at Lead Tech has access to a range of services spanning maintenance and early intervention to treatment and therapies.

Hybrid Working

Our flexible working model means that staff work from home every Monday and Friday while connecting in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They can also take advantage of flexible starts and finishes, so they can fit work around family and personal needs.

Purchasing Holidays

The longer staff stay with us, the more time off they get! Staff can enjoy up to 30 days holiday and take advantage of our holiday purchase scheme. Because sometimes we all just need a break.

SEEDL Courses

SEEDL is an important part of our staff training and development but the courses don’t stop at spreadsheets and reporting. SEEDL hosts important modules to help staff with stress, anxiety, communication, and work-life balance.

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